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Silhouette InstaLift™ Press Release

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Silhouette InstaLift™ (Silhouette Soft in Europe)

New Technology Lets You Fight Gravity…And Win.

Dr. Mary Beth Mudd Offers Silhouette InstaLift™ To Lift Sagging Skin

Columbus, Ohio March 13, 2017– Dr. Mary Beth Mudd announces the availability of Silhouette InstaLift,™ a minimally invasive procedure, at the New You Center for Advanced Aesthetic Medicine. Silhouette Instalift recontours and lifts the deepest layers of skin, restoring firmness and volume to sagging skin. Silhouette Instalift has been used with a record of success in Europe under the name Silhouette Soft, with 130,ooo applications. The procedure is fully approved by the FDA.

Until now there has been no minimally invasive procedure that safely and effectively re-position facial skin.  With the introduction of Silhouette Instalift people can reach into the deepest layers of their skin to elevate and firm sagging skin by building collagen.

Silhouette Instalift fills a huge need for a minimally invasive solution for patients who don’t want or aren’t eligible for facelift surgery,” says Dr. Mudd.

Silhouette Instalift works by increasing facial volume while gradually and naturally restoring the contours of the mid-face and cheeks. The simple in-office procedure is performed using Silhouette Instalift’s special biomedical copolymer thread placed underneath the skin. Over time the polymer is absorbed by the body while stimulating collagen production to aid in skin renewal which provides natural looking longer term results.

“Patients can see the results of Silhouette Instalift immediately,” says Dr. Mudd adding, “and the procedure can be repeated if desired. Instalift is really going to change how people approach facial lifts.”

To find out if Silhouette Instalift is right for you, call for your consultation now by calling

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