Broad Band Light Therapy

The Fountain of Youth Treatment

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“This really is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth for delaying skin aging.” — Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. on Broad Band Light Therapy

It used to be as your skin matured that age spots, sun damage, rosacea, moles, hyperpigmentation, broken blood vessels, and fine lines and wrinkles would just stand out more— the “mileage” you skin had accumulated over a lifetime—would dull your skin and date you. BBL changes all that!

Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL) Columbus OHHowever, with the pulsing power of Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL), we can literally erase skin spots, blemishes, broken blood vessels, rosacea, and redness without surgery or inconvenience. Trouble spots just dry up and fall off after treatment. BBL can be done during lunch time and any area of the body can be treated.

Click here to check out a short video that tells you all about BBL and how effective it is on sun damaged skin.

Study Results: Age 1 year in 8 by getting an annual BBL treatment

A study done by Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr., the inventor of the FotoFacial® and one of my friends and teachers shows that annual BBL therapy gives results that show only 1 year of age over an 8 year span of time. In the first blind BBL test Dr. Bitter’s results as presented at the ASLM conference and before a Sciton Conference and reported in the Skin & Allergy News June 2012 took patients who:

  • Had no other laser treatments performed during the 8 year study.
  • Had no other cosmetic surgeries during the 8 year test.
  • Had no consistent skin care regimen.
  • Had received annual or biannual (depending on skin type) BBL therapy.

Trained physicians were shown before and after pictures of the patients who were then asked to guess the amount of time that had passed between them. The doctors doing the evaluations said that only one year had passed between the before and after pictures when in fact 8 years had passed! BBL (Broad Band Light) treatments, according to the Bitter study gave the following results:

  • Overall improvement in skin appearance.
  • Reduction in skin laxity; more firmness.
  • Reverses signs of skin aging, i.e., fewer spots, lines, sagging and visible sun damage.
  • Delays skin aging.
  • Provides the skin with an overall collagen boost.
  • May possibly protect skin from skin cancer.

BBL, quite simply, makes your skin cells behave like younger skin cells. (Sounds good to me!) You could even increase the results by combining BBL with Meso-Skin Rejuvenation.

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Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL) FAQs

How does BBL work?

Many people confuse Broad Band Light with a laser. BBL isn’t as intense as laser light. The light energy from the BBL heats up the upper layers of the skin and this dries spotted or mottled skin (like you get from sun damage) or the blood vessels and associated red coloration. While the skin on top is dried the skin underneath is stimulated so the new skin appears smoother, tighter and more blemish free. Depending on the number or size of the area or the depth that is needed for your problem the procedure takes anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.

How many BBL treatments will I need?

If you have a lot of spots, sun damage, or hyperpigmentation you may need 1-3 treatments to begin. Rosacea and visible blood vessels are deeper and may require 3-5 treatments. Keep in mind that these are estimates. Individual diagnosis will determine your needs. To maintain your fresh and vibrant look you’ll need to have at least an annual BBL treatment, but again that depends on such things as your skin type and condition.

What does BBL feel like?

You’ll feel some intense warmth (that’s BBL doing its work). Some people report a rubber band snap sensation. Your skin will be chilled during the treatment to protect it and provide a localized anesthesia. A topical anesthesia is available also as comfort levels vary.

How long will it take to see results?

First of all you’ll have to stay out of direct sunlight and make sure you wear a high rated sunscreen until the area is fully healed. Skin redness may be present for a few hours after treatment. Pigmented areas will darken in the first several hours, then fade and flake off to reveal your happy new clear skin in about 5-10 days. Blood vessels because of their depth will gradually improve over 1-2 months.

How does Dr. Mudd’s Sciton BBL differ from previously available IPL treatments?

Dr. Mudd’s Sciton BBL machine uses the latest technology to safely increase the light energy delivered so that we are seeing faster results than those seen by older, less powerful machines. The Sciton BBL also uses state-of-the-art chilling technology to protect the skin from damage such as burns during the treatment, which can be seen with machines that do not protect the skin as well.

How can I maximize my BBL results?

To maximize your BBL results you’ll want to have a simple skin regimen appropriate for your skin type and condition. That should include wearing a strong SPF Adding Meso-Skin Rejuvenation will increase your results by supplying your new younger acting skin cells with the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids they need.