“The Weekend Face Peel”

microlaserpeel-youtubeMost of us grew up thinking that the sun was put in the sky for us to roast under. The excessive exposure to the sun and wind combines with the natural loss of skin elasticity to prematurely wrinkle and age skin, especially for those of us with active outdoor lifestyles. MicroLaserPeel® uses the power of the Erbium YAG laser to go deeper (20-60 microns) than microdermabrasion (4-10 microns) or most chemical peels to remove damaged layers of skin, whether from sun or acne scarring. And the best part, even though the MicroLaserPeel® gives great results, it doesn’t require the downtime associated with deep full skin resurfacing.

MicroLaserPeel Columbus OHWith the advice of Dr. Mudd, you can decide the depth of your MicroLaserPeel® to customize your treatment and improve your unique skin conditions. When used in conjunction with Botox®, MicroLaserPeel® creates a dramatically effective combination that both erases wrinkles and also prevents them from coming back! MicroLaser Peel® can be combined with the fractional laser to stimulate collagen production to tighten and rejuvenate skin even further. MicroLaserPeel® can be used for scar revision associated with acne or surgical scarring as well, and this laser can also be used to remove benign skin moles.

Click here to watch a short video on MicroLaserPeel and Profractional Therapy.

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MicroLaserPeel® FAQs

What can I expect to look like?

It’s not the fountain of youth – but it is the next best thing. You’ll have smoother, healthier skin, with a more youthful glow. You’ll also experience an immediate change in skin texture as well as general firming.

Will it take long to heal?

Healing takes 2-4 days, depending on the depth of the laser peel, so if you have the procedure done on a Thursday or Friday, you can return to work on Monday with most people wondering what looks different about you. Immediately after the procedure, you’ll look and feel like you have a sunburn, with minor skin sloughing on the second or third day. Some minor swelling can occur. Redness usually fades by the fourth day, although the skin can be pink colored for a few more days. Makeup can be applied at this point if desired until the pink color fades. It is possible to do several sessions of more superficial treatments rather than a single deeper session, if the patient wishes to avoid the days of redness that are seen with a deeper treatment. Many times when patients read about lasers on the Internet, the treatments were given by a CO2 laser, which will give dramatic results but will take much longer to heal and is associated with a high rate of complications. We use an Erbium YAG laser to minimize the amount of healing time and risk for complications.

What does it feel like when you use a laser?

We will apply topical anesthesia beforehand and can also used chilled air blown on your skin during the procedure. Your eyes will be protected using safety goggles. Since we use the Sciton laser, the beam will be delivered under the direction of a computer after the area of treatment has been assessed. You may hear some minor popping or snapping as the outer skin layers are removed. Some people experience a sensation of heat, similar to the feeling of the hot sun directly on your skin in the summer, but no significant discomfort. This new skin will be sensitive to ultraviolet light so you will need to avoid the sun and tanning beds until it is fully healed. (For this reason, this is a great winter time treatment.)