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Newest Blog: 12/23/2014 A DOUBLE blog post!  Dermal Filler Self-Test Wonder if you need more volume in your face? Here’s a quick, easy, at home self-test you can take! My Halo Story 2.0. Find out how my next step in my own Halo treatment went. Then sign up for your own in the New Year!

9/23/2014 My Halo Story See my results and description of my new Halo® Hybrid Laser! Brighten, lighten, and tighten without the swelling, redness, skin sloughing and “goop” on your face! See my Day 2 pics after fractional as compared to Halo®.

7/14/2014 Shorts I tell you how you can look your best in your summer time fav clothing item.

6/23/2014 How to Save Your Skin

Be a 1%er! Don’t look 55 when your 41. Habits,therapies, and products to nurture your collagen.


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LIPOSONIX® the high intensity focused ultra sound (HIFU) that’s FDA approved to permanently destroy targeted subcutaneous fat. One inch…one hour…one treatment!

Cellulaze® The only FDA approved method for reduction of cellulite. I’m the FIRST and Most experienced doctor in Ohio trained to treat cellulite.

Fountain of Youth or Fountain of Smart? How about both! Find out how you can age just 1 year out of 8 with a simple annual procedure!

Come on! You’ve used up all your excuses for putting yourself last on life’s “to do” list. Isn’t it time you were generous to yourself? It’s time for you to be YOU AT YOUR BEST Schedule your consult today!

New You Center Philosophy

We believe the person you see in your mirror everyday should be an endless source of delight. The New You philosophy is simple: Look in your mirror and love what you see. ™”

Find out more about Dr. Mary Beth Mudd . At the New You Center you’ll find a broad choice of the newest, safest, and most effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures for fat removal (Zeltiq CoolSculpting® and LaserLipo) and skin rejuvenation and care (Rejuvenation Mesotherapy, Ultherapy® Broad Band Light, laser peels, Fractional Laser, BOTOX®, fillers, laser treatments to remove hair, veins, and scars). My staff and I are committed not only to providing the latest innovative treatments but also the highest quality care and customer service.

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