What is Neotensil™?

Neotensil™ is the only noninvasive solution for reducing the appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles.

How does Neotensil™ work?

Neotensil™ is an at home system for reducing the appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles using an invisible elastometric film that reshapes the appearance of skin by visibly compressing it within an hour through a simple two-step process that is very similar to applying nail polish.

  1. Reshaping Base. The first layer smooths and creates a uniform foundation.
  2. Activating Layer. The second application cross-links the reshaping layer into a supportive compression matrix.

The Neotensil™ elastometric film takes shape after activation. Then you’re good to goal all day!

Neotensil FAQs

What type of results can I expect with Neotensil™?

  • A reduction in the appearance of under-eye bags.
  • A reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Improved hydration of the skin for up to 24 hours.
  • A tighter appearance of otherwise loose or sagging skin.
  • Results have been tested out to 16 hours.

In tests, 94% of patients showed > 1 grade improvement in under-eye bags. 99% of patients showed an overall improvement in facial appearance in 3 hours. After 16 hours of continuing use, nearly 100% of patients continued to show the appearance of under-eye bag compression and 94% still showed a reduction in fine wrinkles. The majority of people felt that they looked 5 years younger.

Is Neotensil™ hard to apply?

Is make-up hard to apply? Like anything new you’ll need a little practice to get the “feel” of what’s exactly right for your look. We will show you how to use Neotensil™ so that will cut down on your learning curve. Here are some of the keys to successful use:

  • Precisely follow the Neotensil instructions.
  • More product WILL NOT get more results. Less is more.
  • Clean the treated area thoroughly before application.
  • Don’t put make-up, moisturizers, or touch the treated area. (There is a special Neotensil™ Under-Eye Coverage Powder for additional dark circle coverage available separately.) Any of these will degrade the elastometric film and cause it to left or flake.

You don’t have to worry about hydration as Neotensil™ is clinically proven to continuously hydrate skin for 24 hours.

Like mascara or eyeliner, Neotensil™ does its job best when you leave it alone. When it is time to remove Neotensil™, simply dab on the remover with a pad, let set for 20-30 seconds until the elastometric film becomes visible and then gently peel off.

Are there any tips for applying Neotensil™?

Yes! Follow the instructions to the letter. Here are some other tips:

  • Use a little not a lot.
  • Clean your skin and the applicator thoroughly.
  • Apply with a downward, one direction stroke. Never “paint” or rub it in.
  • Apply Neotensil™ like nail polish; apply it evenly and smoothly in two layers to get the best results.
  • Keep a neutral expression during application and for 5 minutes after. Don’t pull skin tight, or make a “mascara face.”
  • Skip make-up, moisturizer or touching.
  • Carry a Neotensil™ Remover Pad just in case you forget and touch or scratch the film.